About Dyslexia


What is it?

People with dyslexia are bright and articulate which makes it all the more frustrating for them when they are struggling to read well or get their words down on paper. Problems experienced by those who have reading and writing difficulties are very real and often distressing. Parents can become concerned by their child's slow progress in reading and writing. Some children give up and lose all confidence in their abilities, whilst others can become easily distracted or disruptive.

According to the British Dyslexia Association ten percent (10%) of the population have dyslexia; 4% severely so. Dyslexia is identified as a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010. Many of the people who have dyslexia across the UK, whether adults or children, are unable to fulfil their potential as a large percentage of the population still do not understand what dyslexia is, thus it is difficult to know how best to support them. Dyslexia is not an obvious difficulty; it is hidden. As a result, people with dyslexia have to overcome numerous barriers to make a full contribution to society.